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Reloaded is a cheat for the game, Enter The Matrix. She also wrote that most people would find all of it unbelievable. Neu Spirit Reply July 18, at 9:

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There is no doubt, he says, that King Thor or Arthur were other names for the first historical Sumerian king, Indara.

They were fighting for El under the name of Mary and for Balder under the name of Jesus. She also wrote that most people would find all of it unbelievable.

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The splayed cross known as the Maltese Cross, so beloved of British royalty, was also found depicted in caves within this same Sumer Empire. At first sight, they have nothing in common. Indra's sacred Rowan tree, guarded by goats, is pictured by the Sumerians and the Nordic-Aryan Hittites and Cappadocians and this is precisely described as Thor's 'Ygg-drasill' Rowan tree in the Edda. Our souls were terrified by infinity and eternity, and love evolved from that — if we are all in this together, some souls want to create and nurture each other, other souls have become dark and separated do need a source of energy.

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  1. He realized he could free his mind and perform impossible feats of physicality such as running up walls or leaping impossibly high and far, although in his first long-jump attempt from one building to another, he failed.